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  • vulcain watches history. The Vulcain watch manufacturer was founded in and is the inventor of the alarm complication for wristwatches. This innovation made the Vulcain watches popular with American presidents starting with Harry S. Truman, earning the brand its reputation as “The Watch for Presidents”.
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  • Vulcain Men's 50Presidents Chronograph 18k Rose Gold Automatic Watch L.
  • Vulcain has also made an impression upon the world of Jazz music. In , in honour of Herbie Hancock, Vulcain launched a limited edition of the 50s Presidents’ Watch. The legendary pianist himself is a proud owner of the number 1 model from a grand total of pieces.
  • Vulcain produces a total of 12 series of its Vulcain Cricket calibre. The watch is made up of at least separate components, 25 rubies and two barrels. It also includes the patented Exactomatic system which improves the accuracy of the watch when its wearer is moving around. Needless to say it .
  • Vulcain by Honeywell gas detection systems are designed for use in a diverse range of commercial applications, from refrigerant systems and mechanical rooms to parking structures and office complexes. Each of these applications has its own set of requirements, both legal and practical, and Vulcain is committed to working closely with its.
  • The name Vulcain is inspired by Vulcan, the blacksmith and Roman god of fire, forges and volcanoes. In order to support our growth as a company and to continue going above and beyond, the Vulcain Metal management team works tirelessly to pursue innovation. Over the years, the team made sure to diversify operations and to invest in advanced.
  • Apr 25,  · Vulcain is a brand new protocol using HTTP/2 Server Push to create fast and idiomatic client-driven REST APIs.. An open source gateway server which you can put on top of any existing web API to instantly turn it into a Vulcain-compatible one is also provided!. It supports hypermedia APIs but also any "legacy" API by documenting its relations using OpenAPI.
  • The search for excellence and agility is a prominent feature of Vulcain. Thanks to the passion and talent of our teams, we’re able to push our limits and improve every day. Every success starts off with a dream, and a dream we all share allows us to move forward as one and encounter an .